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Quality Assurance


Quality System

Overview -- ISO 9001:2015 Registered

Fordsell’s goal is to provide defect-free product to its customers on a sustained basis AND to continually improve our processes and systems.  Fordsell is now registered ISO 9001:2015.  Check out our online certificate.




It takes attention to detail through a dedicated and competent staff to accomplish this goal as well as effective systems within which to do the work.  Our quality system is ISO-compliant with a Quality policy manual and procedures that cover the elements of ISO 9000.   We continually standout among our customer’s suppliers as their leading supplier for defect-free product.  Most of our customers are ISO registered and have found our performance and systems to meet their business needs.

Major elements that ensure control of your production activity include:

  • Full PPAP Capability

  • Vision System

  • Print Revision Control

  • Control of Non-conforming product

  • Corrective Actions

  • Final Inspections and documentation

  • In-Process Inspection documents

  • Gage Calibration

  • Customer Complaint Response

  • Material and Lot Control

  • Supplier Control

  • Receiving Inspections

  • Cost of Quality Reporting


We encourage you to visit our facility and to see for yourself or to talk with some of our current customers who can speak to their own experience with Fordsell Machine Products.

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