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Pneumatic Components

This industry, like the hydraulic industry, is a brutally competitive industry requiring high tolerance parts delivered on time to meet their customers' ever-changing schedules.  Part cleanliness, surface finish and appearance characterize this segment.  Typically the parts are non-ferrous in nature and aluminum parts are often anodized.

Typical parts include stems, stem guides, spacers, sleeves, orifice plugs, actuators, spring retainers/holders, pistons, spools, and bodies.

As a member of the NFPA, Fordsell continues its active involvement in the fluid power industry.

Key Benefits

  • Fordsell has extensive experience with pneumatic components and so can often anticipate customer  requirements.

  • Fordsell provides unmatched customer service.

  • Fordsell-initiated cost reduction programs have generated consistent value for our customers.

Air Compressor
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