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Medical Equipment Components

Segments of this industry are highly regulated by governmental agencies.  That regulation often necessitates a flow-down of requirements to its suppliers.  Fordsell has gained the experience and expertise to succeed in this environment which requires a consistently high quality product each and every time.  Product cleanliness is a must.  Often times, special surface finish treatments are required and Fordsell manages this for its customers.

Typical parts include relief valve components; glands; adapters; tie rods; light pipes; special nuts, nipples, shafts and pins; and shear pins.

Key Benefits

  • Fordsell will work directly off your part usage reports.

  • Many customers have certified us to deliver directly to their production floor.

  • Fordsell provides direct support to our customers' engineers. 

  • We can process parts with all finishes (plating, anodizing, etc.)

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