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Hydraulic Components   

This is probably Fordsell's strongest suit, serving the hydraulic controls industry.  This fast-paced, competitive industry requires high tolerance parts delivered on time to meet and its customers' ever-changing schedules.  Part cleanliness, surface finish and appearance characterize this segment.  Typically the parts are ferrous in nature and require final operations of heat treatment, grinding or black oxiding.  For more information, see our supply chain webpage.

Typical parts include poppets, spools, spring retainers/seats, detents, knobs, flow control/adjusting screws, spacers, plugs, sleeves and nuts.

Fordsell is an active part of the fluid power industry and is a member of the National Fluid Power Association.

Key Benefits

  • Experience across our organization e.g. product handling

  • Understand the needs of these manufacturers

  • Committed to value engineering to reduce manufacturing costs.

  • We work directly off part usage reports

  • 100% on-time delivery

  • Parts are clean and ready at point of use.

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